Efficiency High Five

Do you ever find yourself wishing you could have done more during the workday? Here are some tips to help you become more efficient at work.

1. Bite the Bullet

I’m sure you have some tasks in your agenda that you are dreading, avoiding, putting off and they are probably tasks that are important for your job. Don’t put them off any longer! Do those tasks first, get them out of the way. Once you do that your day will only continue to get better with the tasks that you do enjoy!

2. Everyone needs a little quiet time

With growing technology, people walking by the office, co-workers stopping you to ask questions…etc, staying focused can be a challenge! Go find yourself a quiet place to work from or make your desk a quiet place, which means, no music, no video, ask your assistant to hold all calls and put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door. It doesn’t matter if you do this all day or if you only do this for an hour or so. Having some quiet time can increase productivity and your efficiency immediately. It’s also calming to the mind and body to not have lot distractions around you.

3. Take a break

Work and be daunting and tiresome. Take a break; go get some coffee, stretch, take a little walk around the office. This will be good for your mind and your body. It will help you reduce stress and calm your nerves. If you don’t want to take a walk then take a breath and switch to a new task. You will continue to work on your agenda without having to exhaust yourself.

4. Plan for tomorrow

Sometimes you will come across days were you won’t get everything done on your agenda. Don’t worry about that. If at the end of your workday there are some tasks still left behind, plan out your schedule for the next day. You can worry less because you have a plan to execute the tasks that were not completed.

5. Time is of the essence

Try and set some time goals for yourself. For example give yourself an hour to do a specific task and then try and get it done in that hour. Use a timer or time tracking software. Being aware of how long it takes you to complete tasks will assist with time management. You will become more and more efficient with each completed tasks. Make it a fun game! Challenge yourself and watch your efficiency spike!


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