Saving the Day,
One Task at a Time

The buck stops here. We do not outsource the work you outsource to us. It is all done in house by US Based, professional, friendly, Office Heroes!

Our  Office Heroes are  Virtual Receptionists and Virtual Assistants.  We have a comprehensive service offering to assist with business back office needs.  Our commitment to our clients is to be efficient and easy to use.

Our Mission Statement

“Provide small business owners with administrative services in an economical and convenient fashion.  Offer business owners the clerical resources and support needed to accelerate their success.”

About Us

The Office Hero provides Virtual Assistant services to small businesses. We offer a complete list of administrative services including; answering service, bookkeeping, marketing, and clerical support. We assist clients virtually; creating an accurate, efficient, easy way to get administrative tasks completed.

Studies show those who work more than sixty hours a week are up to 25% less productive.  When business owners are left to do administrative tasks they are not able to focus on their core business making them less productive and less profitable.  Our message to entrepreneurs relating to administrative needs is, “do what you do best, and let The Office Hero take care of the rest.”

We Love Entrepreneurs! The Office Hero is a perfect complement to small businesses in every industry! Office Hero takes care of administrative tasks with ease, professionalism, and care.

In today’s fast pace business world, the more time that business owners have to focus on their business’ services, areas of expertise, and skill – the more productive and profitable they will make!

Saving you time, money, and your reducing workload is our duty.

"The Office Hero takes on essential administrative tasks for my business that I neither have the time nor desire to perform. Much better than hiring my own staff person and all the hassle that position would entail. The Office Hero gives me the time I need to focus on the core of my business. If you are a small business or contractor, then you want - no, you need - The Office Hero. Great Results, Good Value, Creative"

Ryan, Archetype Design

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"My work is fast paced and ever changing. It is imperative that I have an assistant to can handle a challenging workload with excellent time management. With The Office Hero I have been allowed to delegate tasks successfully, that were previously weighing me down. Productivity has tripled in the first year we hired Office Hero. They are worth their weight in gold."

Mina, Ap John Venture Capitalist Firm