How We Work

Our clients are the real heroes, we are your sidekick!

Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

  • Scale the hours you need an assistant versus the times you do not
  • No overhead costs
  • No costs to you for employee equipment such as computers, cell phone, etc.
  • No payroll costs or payroll taxes

Our clients are small business owners, salespeople, executives, venture capitalists, clergy, and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Office logistics often get in the way of production. Office Hero was founded to assist entrepreneurs with day to day administrative operations.

We take away the burden of clerical duties. Our Office Heroes do everything from manage appointments to marketing. We do as much or as little as needed in order to allow business owners to do what you do best.

We know delegation is not easy, but you can trust us. Our Office Heroes are U.S.-based, professional, certified, skilled, and friendly!

The Office Hero is invisible to your customers; we integrate with your team. Assign your Office Hero an email address with your company domain for communication with your clients and vendors.

We have tiered packages to fit your need, no matter how big or small. Our packages are billed at a low monthly fee. Even our billing is easy!

You are finally able to leave the office, even for an extended length of time – take the vacation you deserve. With Office Hero you don’t have to worry about missing calls!

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"The Office Hero has been a life saver for me and my business. Super J and the gang are so good at what they do that they allow me to do what I do best! I know that my business now has a chance not just to stay alive but to thrive because I don’t have to spread myself thin trying to keep up. I can’t even think about what my day would be like without The Office Hero! Thanks guys, you’re SUPER!!"

Lori, The Wren Network

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