Eat Your Lunch

Eat your lunch!

In a culture where we often answer – “How are you today?” with “busy”.  We find ourselves being overextended and pulled in many directions.  Perhaps it is our almost infinite access to information and people via the internet.  Or maybe our technological advances that allow us to multitask at new levels.  Maybe even our intense desire to have it all and do it all.  Whatever the culprit, our society is experiencing burnout at alarming rates.  While there are several answers to the age old question, how to balance?  There is one in particular that I wish to address in this short post – Lunch.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, my banking colleagues and I would measure their hard work by how many lunch breaks they skipped.  As a manager of a growing banking center, I ignored several lunch breaks.  My “ah-ha”  moment came when I was encouraging an employee to recharge.  As I was explaining the importance of stepping away from their desk in order to refresh, I felt my little angel tap me on the shoulder, gently telling me to practice what I was preaching.



The truth is this; we all need to hit the reset button – regularly. The thought that we are more productive by working non-stop is a complete myth.  We are not superhuman, our bodies naturally need rest and nutrition on a regular basis.  It automatically expects us to drink at least eight glasses of water a day and to eat six small meals/snacks daily.

Several studies have been done and all proved the same point – working through lunch on a consistent basis is at least 78% less productive than taking a lunch break. One survey conducted by Right Management found that fewer than 20% of American workers regularly step away for a midday meal.  It found that 39% of those who do eat lunch, eat at their desks.

time for lunch

Here are a few tips I found to be helpful:

  1. Pack a lunch. It saves time on deciding what to eat, going to get it, or taking time to order delivery. It also saves money if you are into that sort of thing.
  2. Schedule your lunch break – don’t wait for a magical window of opportunity to open in your day. Schedule 20-30 minutes in your calendar ahead of time. Make a lunch date with yourself.
  3. Use your lunch break to catch up on the motivational material you have wanted to read. This will give the overachiever in you an opportunity to still feel productive without working.
  4. Eat something healthy and light that will give you energy for the second half of your day.
  5. Repeat daily!

Feel better and be more productive!

Much success to you!

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